New! Improved! It’s SNUGGIE For Dogs!!

August 1st, 2009 by Dan

That’s right folks – the “Snuggie” sack that so many of us have seen spots for on TV now has a canine version. Now your dog can have its very own “blanket with sleeves” – you can even get matching owner/dog sets (just like the woman in the video)! It appears the Dog Snuggie will fit a variety of breeds, with sizes fitting dogs ranging between 6-22 inches. And it comes in pink or blue!! The canine Snuggie retails for 14.95 plus shipping for 2 Snuggies plus some “bonus gifts”. If any readers do purchase a Snuggie for your dog, please send us the photos!

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  1. Marshall Says:

    That is a cool video. I love dogs. I am 16 and have two golden retrievers. Though it is dedicated to my goal on winning the Tour de France, my blog,, has some great pics of my dogs!

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