Classic Dog Article: Training With Treats

August 24th, 2009 by Dan

If you’ve heard any vicious rumors flying around that training using treats as a reinforcement for good behavior is somehow a bad idea – let me debunk that idea for you right now! Reputable trainers know that dogs will repeat actions that result in pleasant sensations, and for many dogs a tasty little snack can be a fantastic and quick way to get the point across (especially when you’re dealing with a dog that has a bit of a “stubborn streak”)! Check out today’s Classic Article: Dog Treats as A Training Tool for some hints on how to use food rewards.

Yorkie Gets A Treat

Photo by cowboy_montgomery

2 Responses to “Classic Dog Article: Training With Treats”

  1. Anne Marie Roy Says:

    Well said…

    Positive reinforcement really works.
    Dogs needs help from their owners to behave properly. And that should be fun and not traumatizing.

    Have a pawrific day!

  2. Alexis Says:

    Finally, a dog treat that I can reward my dog with and have no worries about how big he is getting! My friend told me anout these treats Just Because for Dogs, and they are the best thing that has ever happened to us as a family. These treats are GREAT when trying to train your dog. Trust me, Max was sick and tired of carrots and was ready for something good! Now, he rolls over at the site of them!

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