Product Review: The Neater Feeder

July 21st, 2009 by Dan

Dogue De Bordeauxs have pendulous jowls that cause large amounts of water to drip off of them after taking drinks. Lucian is not an exception to this breed trait. I was convinced that my life was destined to be an ongoing battle of paper towels Vs viscous slobber. I know that those of you with neat dogs must be thinking that drooly dog owners deal with a lot..but hey… the breed is wonderful- we dog owners take the good with the bad.

As I said, I thought this water issue was just the way my life was going to be – that was until I met the creators of the Neater Feeder.

The Specs:

* The Neater Feeder is a feeding station made of recyclable polypropylene plastic. It has high walls that keeps food and water inside the station and keeps your floors and home clean when your pet eats. Each feeder includes 2 metal bowls.

The Neater Feeder

* Besides the walled off sides, the Neater Feeder also has a grate that allows spilled or splashed water to fall into a storage reservoir under the bowls. It is held their until it is emptied.

* The feeders come in 3 sizes, cat (or for toy breed dogs) small (20-35 lb dogs) and large (35-100 lb dogs). Leg extensions are available for both the small and large sizes to accommodate the physiology of various breeds.

* The Neater Feeder has no-skid feet that prevent the entire unit from moving across your kitchen, even when used by large breeds.

Why We Like It:

* It works! Lucian goes over for a drink and the splashes fall down into the grate and into the reservoir under the bowls, rather than onto the floor. Granted, if he decides to take a walk after an especially long drink, he still drools a bit, but that’s his breed. I’d say we’ve seen a 90% improvement in the state of the floor since the Neater Feeder arrived.

* I’ve been very busy lately and have switched the dogs to The Honest Kitchen, but Lucian is a messy guy! With this feeder, all the food stays inside the feeder and he’s able to clean up after himself even if he flings it outside of the bowl. With the Neater Feeder he isn’t licking the floor!

It’s easy to clean. Although the pieces of the large set take up the whole sink, they wash and rinse quickly and don’t have any nooks that hide dirt. (They are also dishwasher safe) Make sure to clean the feeder on a regular basis as stagnant water collects bacteria and starts to become quite stinky (especially when mixed with food particles that fall through the grate).


The Neater Feeder has totally changed our daily battle with drool! We can walk around in the kitchen in socks safely, without fear! Our only hope is that the creators decide to come out with an even larger version that is a bit more appropriate for giant breeds, because those who have dogs over 150 lbs could *really* benefit from this feeding system! (The Neater Feeder folks say it may be in the works in the future!) In the meantime, we’ll just fill up the water bowl a bit more often – this is a fantastic product for messy eaters and drinkers alike.

You can find more information on the Neater Feeder here and also purchase the various sizes of feeders directly on their website.

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6 Responses to “Product Review: The Neater Feeder”

  1. DogsDeserveFreedom Says:

    What a neat idea!

  2. Diana Says:

    That’s so smart! The bowl kind of looks like creepy robotic happy face though. ;)

  3. Karen Ross Says:

    Hello Dan, We also have two Dogues, an 11yr. old female and a 130 lb. 2yr old rescue male..I agree, they are the best and actually only drool a bit when overheated or waiting for a yummy treat..Our neighbor’s Golden retreiver drools much more!! So pleased to read your review about the Neater Eater and am wondering if we should wait for a larger type before we purchase..
    P.S. our rescue, Oliver, is the sweetest, kindest and most gentle guy we have ever had!!

  4. Dan Says:

    Hello! While I wish they would make a larger Neater Feeder, I’ve found the largest size that’s available really does help with controlling the slippery floor issues around the bowl. Lucian doesn’t eat his meal there (he has an “Eat Slow Bowl”) but my other dog, Reef, uses the second bowl for her meals. You could also use both for water if you’d like!

  5. Karen Says:

    Like the idea of the “Eat Slow Bowl”.. Oliver chows down in minutes..I do remove the bowl so he eats more slowly, but he was found at a high kill shelter three days before he was to be put to sleep 45 lbs. underweight..We suppliment their food (Origens & Bil Jac) with steamed fish, yams, carrots and greem veggies..He is very healthy now and an absolute joyful guy!

  6. Karen Says:

    Hi Dan,, have been taking Oliver, our Bordeaux rescue to the dog park to become more social with other dogs as he was left in his crate alone and not fed much.. as in my previous correspondence with you he is wonderful, healthy, happy but is very uncomfortable around the other dogs when approached at the park. He goes to all the people and they love him, but sniffs a bit at the dogs then lies down or goes off by himself..He’s only been going to the park one week.. should I just continue to take him daily and let him do his thing or any other suggestions???

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