Lawn Burn Runing Your Landscaping?

July 14th, 2009 by Dan

Lawn burn can be a nightmare to a dog loving landscaper. These unsightly brown spots are caused by the nitrogen contained within a dog’s urine. For years there have been rumors circulating that female dog urine causes more lawn burn issues than that of a male dog. This isn’t exactly true. A female dog expels no more nitrogen within her urine than a male, however because females urinate in one large amount, while most male dogs mark in many places, the resulting spots can be more obvious.

Lawn Burn

Photo by Stephen10031

Here are a few tips to deal with this frustrating pee problem and keep your grass looking its best:

* Encourage your dog to drink water. This will dilute their urine and lessen the burn problem. You can add some low-sodium meat broth to make it tastier. Adding water to a dog’s kibble will also be an easy way to sneak some extra moisture into his diet.

* Soak the area of the yard where your dog urinates with clean water right away. Diluting the fresh urine will usually prevent the grass from developing the burned appearance.

Pom Puppy Lawn

Photo by candleshoe

Consider adding a nutritional supplement to your dog’s diet that neutralizes the pH in his urine. Be sure to seek out an all natural choice.

* If you are serious about your lawn, consider planting a more resistant type of grass. Studies prove that Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass are the most resistant to dog urine (in fact, diluted urine produced a fertilizer effect on these 2 types of grasses)

* The most effective way to prevent lawn burn is to walk your dog! This choice will not only benefit your lawn, but both you and your dog will get some invaluable, interactive exercise time. Grab the leash and explore your neighborhood!

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