Dog Photo Of The Day: Saddest Pug Ever

July 11th, 2009 by Dan

Sad and soaking wet little Pug.

Saddest Pug Ever

Photo by amberlabelledvm

2 Responses to “Dog Photo Of The Day: Saddest Pug Ever”

  1. Louis Kemler Says:

    That is one sad looking Pug. My two dogs would be loving every minute of their time outside in the wet, cold, muddy, or any other elements. There is definitely a difference between breeds. Thanks for the photograph

  2. Ashley Says:

    This picture is exactly what I encounter every time I take my Pug out in the rain!!! Pugs must just not like rain or water for that matter!! The picture is heart warming. It makes you want to bend down and scope this Puglet right up!!! Thanks for posting this adorable picture!

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