Classic Dog Article: Dog Park Manners

June 15th, 2009 by Dan

If you’re a new dog owner or if you’ve just moved to an area where a dog park is part of the local canine scene, today’s classic article will set you up to make the most of the experience! I’ve put together a list of dog park “dos and don’ts” as well as some etiquette and safety tips that every conscientious owner should be aware of. Dog parks can be an awesome way to get your pooch some valuable social time, check out A Day At The Park: Navigating Your Local Dog Park and get ready to enjoy some off leash fun!

Dog Park Play

Photo by sabarika

5 Responses to “Classic Dog Article: Dog Park Manners”

  1. Anne Good Says:

    Are you serious? No way would I unleash any dog right away.

  2. Dan Says:

    Keeping a dog on leash within an off leash dog park asks for problems. Mixing an on-leash dog with a pack of off-leash dogs can lead to defensive behavior displays in the dog that is kept on leash which can lead to aggression between your dog and the “free” dogs. If you don’t trust your dog to behave within the park then maybe the off-leash run isn’t the environment for him yet. Close supervision of your dog is a safer and more dog friendly way to navigate the park!

  3. bear Says:

    what if my dog and i have been in the park for some time, but one day he just kept barking at other dogs, i would stop him and give him a time out, but when i let him go he would start again. and the other owners got annoyed and even at last called 911.

  4. Silver Says:

    In my opinion, there is no problem with a dog barking at a dog park, however annoying it may be. Is your dog barking aggressively at the other owners or their dogs? If this is the case, a time out may not be enough. Your dog may need a bit more socialization before being able to play comfortably at a dog park. If this was a one time situation, something had probably simply upset your dog (a smell, another dog, another owner, etc) and it should be okay to go back to the park. If this behavior is recurring, I’d reccommend meeting with a behaviorist or a trainer.

  5. Sara Says:

    My 5 1/2 year old dog used to love the dog park and went there often for her first 3 years, but after that we moved to the country and just came back into the dog park scene. Now she runs into the park barking defensively with her ruff up and often snaps and snarles at dogs who come up to her. Especially bigger or wild dogs. She has never hurt another dog, but she needs to stop. How can I resocialize her?

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