Show Me That Tongue! – 13 Photos Of Dogs Sticking Them Out!

May 26th, 2009 by Dan

To us, our dog’s tongue may just be a moist body part that often plants damp kisses of appreciation on whatever body part of ours it can easily access. To your dog it is a multifaceted tool used for lapping water, eating and tasting food, regulating body temperature through panting, grooming, play, wound cleansing and social interactions.

A flopping dog tongue never fails to get a smile or a laugh, so I’ve collected these 13 photos of dogs giving the camera the ultimate puppy raspberry!

Sleepy Boxer Tongue:

Sleepy Boxer Tongue

Photo by eowina

Keeshond Tongue Gets Her Into Trouble:

Keeshond Tongue With Steak

Photo by Rocketdoggy

Rescued Pit Bull Puppy Happy Face:

Pit Bull Happy Face

Photo by S Alex Maier ..

Grassy Tongue:

Grassy Tongue

Photo by jaxonphoto28

French Bulldog Raspberry:

French Bulldog Raspberry

Photo by waltztangofoxtrot

Pink Poodle With Pinker Tongue:

Pink Poodle Pink Tongue

Photo by abbyladybug

Dog Can Roll His Tongue:

Dog Can Roll His Tongue

Photo by laniee75

Tongue Curl:

Boxer Tongue Curl

Photo by milkmaid1979

Just Hangin’ Out:

Bulldog Tongue Hangin Out

Photo by sadiescraps

I’ve Been Slimed!:

Don't Put That Thing On Me

Photo by RichSeattle

Hint Of Pug Tongue:

Hint Of Pug Tongue

Photo by e³°°°

Dirty Tennis Ball Tongue:

Dirty Corgi Tongue

Photo by Corgi_T

Missed A Spot:

Nose Cleaning Lab

Photo by dotlizard

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  1. Mai Says:

    Great website :)
    I’ve got a great picture of my pug pulling his tounge out ;D
    let me know if u want it , and i’ll send u

  2. Dave Says:

    I <3 dogs they're fit as <3

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