3 Quick Diet Tips To Help Your Chubby Pup!

May 27th, 2009 by Dan

Where has your pup’s waist gone? Does his body type remind you more of a wiggling sausage at times? If so, your pooch could possibly stand to loose a few pounds. Consulting your veterinarian and asking their opinion of your dog’s body condition is obviously the first step, but after that, it’s up to you.

Overweight Dachshund

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Just like us humans, it takes a combination of increased activity and a change in eating habits to help your pooch drop those extra pounds. Remember, a fit dog is a healthier dog! Obesity doesn’t just make it hard for your dog to move around, it also can lead to serious health risks ( diabetes, joint issues, liver disease, cancer…) and shorten his lifespan. Here are some simple tips to help you and your dog get on the right track to a healthier way of eating!

Healthy Treats
How often do you pop a treat into your dog’s mouth? 3 times a day? 5 times? 10 times? Depending on what kinds of treats you use, you can be packing on a lot of calories in goodies each day. Replace carb heavy treats with small pieces of all-meat treats (remember – it’s not the size of the treat, but how good it tastes) or try new healthy snacks like fruits and veggies!

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Think Canned

Many dog owners think of canned food as a treat, but for dogs on diets, premium canned foods may be an excellent staple diet! Choose a high protein, low carbohydrate variety. Canned foods contain lots of moisture and are more filling to your dog than kibble (think of it like eating mashed potatoes as opposed to popcorn).

Try Dehydrated
While raw diets can do wonders for overweight dogs, you might not be *quite* ready to feed your dog BARF? If that’s the case, dehydrated diets can be a fantastic way to get many of the benefits of raw feeding without the “gross out” factor that so many people fear. The Honest Kitchen makes some of my favorite canine diets. All of their foods (with the exception of Preference) are complete diets. For a chubby dog, they suggest their “Embark” formula. Although it is high in calories, it contains a very low amount of carbohydrates. The lack of grains helps dogs lose that “spare tire”.


Because you rehydrate The Honest Kitchen with warm water, another trick to help your pet feel fuller is adding a bit more water than the packaging suggests. The extra mushy mix will taste just as good and be more filling without adding any extra calories to the meal!

Remember that seeing the results of diet change and exercize can take awhile. Start slow and work up to longer activity sessions when you begin your dog’s lifestyle makeover!

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