Product Review: Clean + Green Carpet & Upholstery Spray

April 10th, 2009 by Dan

With 2 dogs and 4 cats in my house, messes happen. Upset stomachs, fur balls – you name it, it has graced the floors and furniture at some point throughout the years. These days, the most common mess around here is Lucian slobber. He’s a giant dog and he loves to put his face on things. This wouldn’t be a cause for panic, except most times he puts his face on the couch – right after a meal. His drool is a viscous conduit for residue from his food and leaves large spots where his jowls hit the upholstery. Not pleasant. Of course, you can’t get mad at him – those lips are part of his charm.

I recently received a container of Clean + Green Carpet and Upholstery cleaner. As a huge fan of eco-friendly products, I was excited to try it out (expect to see a lot more about “green” products in the near future).

Why We Like It:

* I loathe bottles of cleaners that have pumps that stop working, or the ones that you have to pull trigger 20 times to start the stream. The Clean + Green has a continuous, nitrogen powered, forceful spray (but doesn’t contain any CFC) that allows you to cover the affected area easily.

Clean+Green Cleaner

* I’ve tested other cleaners that literally bleached a layer of skin off of my hands (they never made it to the blog for obvious reasons). This spray is natural and didn’t feel like burning when I got it on my hands. Obviously a gentle cleaner is better for everyone in the house.

* The product isn’t just a stain remover, but also a cleaner and an odor eliminator. Most products I’ve found that advertise “odor elimination” just cover it up with another scent. Clean + Green doesn’t smell like *anything* – it took the doggy smell out of the spots on our couch and left no trace scent.

* I didn’t have to use elbow grease. I just got up most of the “chunks” (ew) and then sprayed the spot until it was damp. Then you let it dry (this took a while) – I was amazed that 90% of the stain was gone. I sprayed some more on and let it dry. I couldn’t find the stain the next day.

I’m betting this product will work well on muddy paw prints this upcoming Spring. I’d suggest you puppy owners stocking up! A cleaning product that works is a must-have when there are little ones in the house. You can find Clean + Green at PetSmart stores as well as various online shops.

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    This sounds like a great product for pet owners. Thanks for sharing it!

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