Obama Family Welcomes “Bo,” a Portugese Water Dog, to the White House

April 12th, 2009 by Dan

Barack Obama's Portugese Water Dog, Bo

Barack Obama's Portugese Water Dog, Bo

President Barack Obama and his family today welcomed a 6-month-old Portugese Water Dog named “Bo,” short for “Bo Diddley,” to the First Family. The new First Dog was a gift to 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha from Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who owns several Portugese Water Dogs. The girls picked out the black-and-white pup and selected his name, reportedly in tribute to Michelle Obama’s father, who was nicknamed “Diddley.”

Video and a photo of Bo with Barack after the jump:

The new First Dog’s breed was selected in part because Portugese Water Dogs are hypoallergenic dogs. Malia is allergic to most dogs. The family also considered purchasing a Labradoodle. It’s fortunate that a PWD was the final choice, because despite how they’re advertised, many Labradoodles are not, in fact, hypoallergenic!

Bo meets the Obama family

Bo meets the Obama family

If Bo is a typical representative of his breed, he will be intelligent, trainable, full of energy, and will bond quickly with Malia and Sasha. Portugese Water Dogs are excellent companions and may be trained as service or therapy dogs. They require daily moderate exercise, and can also benefit from a daily training session. The President and First Lady have stressed that Malia and Sasha will be responsible for walking and training their new puppy, presumably with the assistance of a few Secret Service agents and a handler or three.

Let’s just hope the Obamas continue to show their smarts as savvy dog owners by focusing on a balanced, behavioral approach to their dog’s upbringing, rather than inviting Cesar Milan to the White House to give some characteristically kooky advice! The Dog Guide suspects that a visible baby gate would do a better job of keeping Bo out of forbidden areas than Cesar’s suggestion to, “Use your body, your mind and your calm-assertive energy to create an invisible wall that the dog is not allowed to cross.”

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  1. StellasMama Says:

    Here’s our Stella….she’s a Schnoodle that everyone confuses with a PWD.


  2. crystal hackett Says:

    He shoulda rescued a dog from a shelter!!! There are many purebred dogs that would suit the same needs for health issues in his family.

  3. Marti Swestka Says:

    Barack Obama has been a innovator that will go down in history for more than merely being the 1st African United states president. With all the global financial crisis there were some quite challenging times lately for Us citizens and for the entire world and The federal government has needed to cope with the best way to deal with this and many different difficulties. He has his practitioners and his critics yet he’s without doubt made an enormous contribution to Usa.

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