NY Dog Owner Pushes To Ban Cage Dryers After His Pet Dies

April 16th, 2009 by Dan

Thomas Bruckner got the call that every dog owner dreads. After dropping off his 2 year old “Puggle” (Pug/Beagle mix) off at Pampered Pooch Doggie Daycare and Spa, his panicked girlfriend let him know the grooming salon had called. Bailey had been having trouble breathing and had collapsed. Later at the vet, more information was revealed – it appeared that the little dog had become unresponsive when she was placed into a drying cage after grooming.

Bailey The Puggle

Photo by Badgroomer.com

Now, I can’t imagine what groomer in their right mind would ever think it would be a good idea to use a tube that blows hot air onto a brachycephalic (short snouted) dog of any kind (ex. Bulldogs, Pugs, Mastiffs, Pekingese, French Bulldogs, etc). Anyone who works with canines *should* know that these dogs are extremely sensitive to heat and can have a hard time breathing due to their physical structure. Our friend and grooming expert – Crystal Rolfe – even made mention of the dryer issue in the recent interview we conducted with her: “There should not be any heated cage dryers AT ALL…only fans and blowers with no heat.”

Bruckner went to court and was awarded $1000, but that isn’t enough. He also started BADGROOMER.COM that seeks to educate people about the dangers of dryers as well as the lack of regulation of the grooming industry. He ultimately seeks a ban on dryers and to require groomers to complete exams in order to practice their trade. (there are no such regulations currently)

We’d love to hear from all readers about this topic, especially those in the grooming industry!

3 Responses to “NY Dog Owner Pushes To Ban Cage Dryers After His Pet Dies”

  1. Robert Helms Says:

    This is the most pathetic thing i have ever seen in my life.

    Yeah, puggles are cute dogs. But these people are disgusting.

    They should see a psychiatrist and get over it. They act like this dog was a person. Well I’m sorry it wasn’t.

    These people need to get a life, it really sickens me.

    There are starving children in Africa and they decide to focus on this self absorbed nonsense.

    I just am disgusted on so many levels.

  2. Steve Says:

    You disgust me! Why are you even on this sight, you obviously are not a dog lover! They become part of your family! As far as the starving in Africa. How about the starving in America!!! The homeless ect. In a down economy and so many people out of work how about taking care of home first!!! If this is the richest nation around then why should anyone go hungry or be denied proper health care! Please for the sake of all get a clue and look right in your own back yard!!!

  3. LJB Says:

    Go STEVE! I totally agree. Animals are super important. Without the earliest dogs (bred from the most docile of wolves) humankind would have not survived very long. On another subject, we should seek to help those less fortunate. You would be surprised how homeless people react to a kind word, a small amount of food or a simple piece of clothing. We CAN make a difference no matter how small, and if we all do this, it really adds up.

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