Easter Pups 2009! Check Out A Dozen Easter Dog Photos!

April 11th, 2009 by Dan

Happy Easter from The Dog Guide! It’s time once again for egg hunts and bunny ears and we’ve found some great photos of dogs celebrating this Spring holiday! Remember to keep those chocolate bunnies safely out of reach of your pooch. Since dogs have such fantastic sniffers, consider an egg hunt using biscuits inside as prizes!

Dog Finds Easter Egg

Dog Finds Easter Egg

Photo by irishgirlerin

The Bully Bunny:

The Bully Bunny

Photo by E.T magic

Romeo The Dalmatian and Little Blue Peep:

Little Blue Peep

Photo by romeo’smom

For Me?

For Me?

Photo by willtooke

Watching The Sneaky Peep!:

Watching The Sneaky Peep

Photo by jamelah

Easter Pug:

Easter Pug

Photo by jenbuf

The Biggest Bunny:

Big Bunny

Photo by treyevan

Saluki Puppy = Good Egg Hiding Spot:

Saluki Puppy With Eggs

Photo by meteo

Bunny Bed:

Bunny Bed

Photo by ieightitall

I Put Up With The Bunny Costume, Where’s My Treat?:

Bunny Costume

Photo by Miss New Mexico 2008″ ~ Joan Marie

A Motley Easter Crew:

A Motley Crew

Photo by SisterPepperSpray

Helping Himself:

Helping Himself

Photo by romeo’smom

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