Dog Photo Of The Day: Pug Stroller

April 7th, 2009 by Dan

There are lots of strollers out there made just for dogs, but it looks like these pampered Pugs are riding in a hand-me-down made for humans!

Pug Stroller

Photo by Bisayan lady

2 Responses to “Dog Photo Of The Day: Pug Stroller”

  1. Tammy Lee Says:

    It’s ok to think this, that people go overboard. But I am an owner of a pug, and tho I don’t live in LA, I do live in an area where the summers are hot and winters are cold. A pug should not be out walking in the heat for more then 15 min. due to their breathing. Do you know if these people keep their dogs in stroller full time. Maybe they go places and don’t drive and have to take bus, and it’s hot out and when the pugs are breathing easier, they do go out for walking. Maybe they have a bad leg and yet their owners want them to have fresh air. I agree a dog needs to be a dog, but think that maybe there is a reason. Me, I want a dog stroller because I take a bus, I don’t walk my pug in extreme heat and cold for more then 10-15 min. and I don’t live near a dog friendly park. I have to take bus and my pug hates being in a carrier, and it’s hard lugging a 23p. dog on your shoulder(I had one that was a shoulder strap and was small for him) and when you are going to a park, by bus, its hard lugging bigger crates. A dog stroller is ideal. My friends and activities that I take my dog to do not all live in my area of the tricities, so instead of leaving my dog for 6 hrs and coming home to wet floors(he has a weak bladder)I’d love to take him with me,unless it’s a doctor or shopping. And maybe people can not pay the $159+ for a stroller when people are thinking of throwing out baby strollers that reallly have not much use or no longer safe for children. So some people are keeping stuff out of landfills and recycling. It;s people like you who need to stop judging because of what you see…and except hmmmm there may be a reason..

  2. Danielle Says:

    I am a dog lover, I don’t have pugs but i have a 17 year old dog that loves to go out with me has gone every where with me since i saved him from a pound which saved him from a puppy mill when he was one. So everywhere i go he has to go, plus he is blind and gets lost and hurt at home now it seems, or at least stuck. He is 15 lbs and when i go on my walk which i do every morning and its about 4 miles, my younger one goes with me and makes the trip no problem, my old 17 year old dog can make it about 5 blocks before I have to pick him up and carry him, i got him a stroller a few weeks ago, he still walks as much as he can but ends up having to go into the stroller, this isn’t something that I wanted to do with him but he just cant make it on the walks anymore and he just hates being left behind. Just because people use the stroller it isn’t always for no reason, there may always be some hidden reason behind why people do things

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