Bulldog Wins Beauty Contest

April 22nd, 2009 by Dan

Porterhouse the Bulldog’s owners should consider purchasing the low-set pooch one of his namesake steaks, after all, he did just take the crown at Drake University’s annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest held in Des Moines, Iowa. The Bulldog had come so close in the past 3 years of competition, taking home a “Mr. Congeniality” win as well as 2 runner-ups. However, 2009 was the year for the 4 year old dog. He beat out 49 other contenders who sported tutus and wigs – Porterhouse wore camouflage.

Photo by AP

The beauty contest isn’t like a traditional dog show – there is no talk of pedigrees or lines – it seems like the judges look for the bull that makes them smile the most. This year Porterhouse won.

Bulldog Tutu
Photo by AP

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