Ask The Dog Guide: Otterhound Grooming

April 9th, 2009 by Dan

When grooming our Otterhound should we cut the hair away from her eyes or is it there to protect her eyes from the sun, wind, etc?

I consulted Crystal Rolfe, a professional dog groomer on this question. She says:

If your dog is living outside and watching sheep or exposed to sun the majority of the day, the hair would shade their eyes in the same way the brim of a hat would. However it wouldn’t offer any other sort of protection. It could also protect the eyes if the dog were to run through brambles or bushes – cushioning them a bit.


Photo by andybennettphoto

On the other hand, keeping the hair away from the eyes will not hurt your dog in any way. Your dog’s eyes will adjust to the sun just the same as any other breed of dog. Trimming the hair could also protect the eyes by keeping them cleaner and will help with buildup from tearing or eye discharge.

I think Otterhounds have a very sweet expression and I love to see their eyes but I tend to leave the “bangs” a little more natural by not taking so much off and not giving them a blunt cut. Using thinning shears can help achieve this.

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