Humane Society Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Petland Stores

March 17th, 2009 by Dan

I saw this one coming and I’m thrilled the day has finally arrived! Today the Humane Society of the United States filed a 34 page class action lawsuit against Petland Inc. (owners of 140 Petland pet stores). The lawsuit claims that Petland violated both federal and state laws when they sold ill puppies, bred in mills to unknowing customers. Many of the puppies sold in Petland stores were supplied by the Hunte Corporation, which is known for it’s mass distribution of commercially bred dogs.

Petland Protest

Photo by humanesocietyoftheunitedstates

The Humane Society conducted an 8 month investigation into the Petland stores that included inspecting over 100 breeders that provide puppies that are sold in the stores. 60 percent of those inspected received citations for various offenses including: dirty enclosures, inadequate shelter, lack of veterinary care and sub-standard spacing.

The lawsuit also claims that Petland was in violation of many state’s consumer protection laws as thousands of customers were led to believe that the dogs they were purchasing were bred by reputable breeders and were healthy. (Remember folks – NO responsible breeder would EVER allow their dogs to be sold in a pet store!)

The lawsuit gave specific examples of unhealthy dogs that were sold by Petland:

* Mainerd – a Boston Terrier, has an inherited spinal condition that requires medication and may require surgery.
* Minchy – a Miniature Pinscher, was diagnosed with coccidia (an intestinal parasite) as soon as he was sold. He also has Progressive Retinal Atrophy an eye condition that leads to blindness.
* Tucker – a Bloodhound,had various health problems and developed cancer at 7 months of age.
* Patrick – a Pomeranian puppy, suffered from severe gastrointestinal issues and was diagnosed at 11 months of age with dual luxating patellas. Surgery is required.

The Humane Society is seeking a trial by jury and hopes to win reimbursements of the price of all the puppies as well as financial damages to aid in reimbursing veterinary costs for all members participating in the class action. The suit also aims to change the ways puppies are bred and would disallow Petland from making untrue claims about the dogs that they sell.

You can read more about the lawsuit and download the 34 page complaint at the HSUS’s page

4 Responses to “Humane Society Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Petland Stores”

  1. Christina Says:

    Good for the Humane Society.
    Places like Petland should not be able to sell dogs and continue the cycle of puppy mills and bad breeding. Many of these dogs end up in the shelters as well b/c the owners either can’t or won’t deal with the medical issues.

  2. linda jaros Says:

    what about those of us who paid 1600.00 for a dog we think is pedagre and now it may not are we going to get some of our money back or proof that
    the puppy we got was not from a mill i have a pomp who i got last january 08 who has been so far fine but i paid alot for her

  3. julia Says:

    my dog is from petland and hes really good but he had a hernia problem

  4. jason Says:

    i got my dog from petland but i didn’t know any of this but he is fine so far i wont get another one from there next time i am going to a breeder

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