Celebrities Who Love Dogs

March 23rd, 2009 by Dan

There are a lot of dog loving celebs out there and just because they are rich and famous doesn’t mean that they escape the occasional chewed up shoe or accident on the floor (though they can easily afford to get a new pair or have someone else clean up the mess!)

Sandra Bullock and 2 legged dog, Ruby

Did you know:

* Drew Barrymore’s rescue dog, Flossie, once saved her life?
* Elizabeth Taylor brought her Maltese, Sugar, onto Larry King’s talk show?
* Shania Twain had a custom made dog door installed on her tour bus to accommodate her German Shepherd, Tim?
* Ben Affleck always wanted a dog as a child and didn’t get one – now he has 5 of them!
* Jake Gyllenhaal shares custody of his adopted German Shepherd, Atticus Finch, with ex, Kirsten Dunst.
* Sandra Bullock has an adopted Chi/Pomeranian mix named Poppy. Poppy is a tripod who is missing one of her legs. She also has a 2 legged Chihuahua named Ruby!

There are many, many more stars who love their pups. You’ll often find them mugging for the camera or being caught off guard as they take their evening stroll. As is the life of the celebrity…or the celebrity’s dog!

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