BIG Dogs and the Little Dogs That Love Them – A Collection Of 15 Photos

March 24th, 2009 by Dan

When I’m out walking with Lucian, we often encounter owners of very small dogs who immediately grab them up – thinking my 150+ lbs of mush wants to chomp their little dog down in one bite. What they don’t know is that the worst he’d do is drool on them a little (this is the dog that was bitten in the nose by a puggle!) Big dogs and little dogs can socialize with each other peacefully as long as they are introduced to each other on a regular basis. Of course, good judgment must be used when allowing any dogs to interact. Check out these 15 photos of big and little canine pals!

Get The Boxer!:
This Pug would like to look the Boxer in the eye!

Get The Boxer!

Photo by peturgunnarsson

A Comfy Spot:
A Boxer puppy curls up with his Bullmastiff friend.

A comfy Spot

Photo by profpetrof

Oh, The Humiliation:
Heads are for leaning on, according to this Rat Terrier.

Heads are For Leaning

Photo by Clay1976

Opposites Attract:
A Samoyed and a Westie in black and white.

Samoyed and Westie

Photo by scotbig

Poodle Bookends:
PoodleSchnauzer/Poodle Mix – Poodle!

Poodle Bookends

Photo by Grizzly & Jiggs

Great Dane Hurdle:
This little Chinese Crested is practicing agility moves with the aid of the Great Dane.

Great Dane Hurdle

Photo by ClarissaWAM

The Little Dentist:
Little guy checks this lab’s teeth.

The Little Dentist

Photo by j cator

Greetings Up There:
Meeting in the lobby of a building.

Greetings Up There

Photo by I am Leicamoron

I’m Big Up Here:
Poodle on poodle.

Poodle on Poodle

Photo by Kate O’Neill

Unfair Advantage:
This Dane has height on his side when it comes to keeping the stick..but the little guy looks clever!

Unfair Advantage

Photo by cam massey

Little…But Not For Long:
This Mastiff puppy is going to outgrow his Poodle friend soon!

Little, but not for long

Photo by andy.s.

Back Off!:
Dachshunds may be small, but they are feisty!

Back Off!

Photo by attmentor

One Size Bed Fits All:
Notice the 2 little ones have to share since one of theirs was taken over!

One Size Bed Fits All

Photo by wachendorfia

Play Bow!:
Play bows come in all sizes!


Photo by feeferlump

So Soft!
An Akita puppy nuzzles into the coat of a Poodle.

So Soft

Photo by Sospitis

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  1. Rachel Says:

    That is so cute. My favourite is the one with the daschund and Dane. Soooo cute.

  2. Rachel Says:

    Just an addition to my earlier comment. We have a black and tan coonhound female that is deathly afraid of our neibours little morkie. Lol. Brody feels to big whn he chases her off their yard. Lol

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