10 Facts About Crufts Dog Show

March 6th, 2009 by Dan

While you may know that Crufts is the largest dog show in the world, here are 10 more facts about the competition that you may or may not know. Thanks to the Crufts site for providing us with this information

* Crufts began in 1891 – Westminster began in 1877.

* This year 22,677 dogs will compete at Crufts and over 28,000 dogs will be in attendance. The year with the biggest entry was in 1991 with 22,993 entries.

* 1,186 dogs from 34 different countries will be competing at Crufts in 2009

Giant Schnauzer- BIS 2008 Crufts

Photo by thekennelclub

A large educational health area greets the public as they enter the show. This setup is designed to teach visitors about canine health issues and why it is important to find a reputable breeder.

* Breed rescue organizations will also be promoted this year at Crufts, showcasing dogs that need homes.

* There are 3 new showcases in the Arena in 2009 – A display of Bernese Mountain Dogs a display by Dogs for the Disabled and a display by the Cinnamon Trust (a group designated to help the elderly care for their pets).

* Crufts takes up over 25 acres of room.

* 187 different breeds of dog will be competing at the 2009 show.

* There are 4 new breeds being shown at Crufts this year : The Dogue de Bordeaux (Working group), The
Portuguese Podengo (Hound group), The Bracco Italiano (Gundog group) and The Spanish Water Dog (Gundog group). The Dogue De Bordeaux also made it’s premier at Westminster this year.

* Crufts isn’t just for purebred dogs. More than 2000 mixed breeds will compete in obedience, heel work to music and agility competitions.

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