New Westminster Breed – Introducing The Dogue De Bordeaux

February 9th, 2009 by Dan

While many people haven’t heard of the Dogue De Bordeaux, if you’re a regular Dog Reflections reader – you have! My Dogue, Lucian, just turned 2 this past weekend and I’ve been blogging about him since before he came to live with me. This year the Westminster Dog Show is only introducing one newly-recognized breed eligible for the show ring – The Dogue De Bordeaux.

Dogue De Bordeaux are also known as French Mastiffs, Bordeaux Dogs, or Bulldogue Francais. They are believed to have originated in France over 600 years ago. The breed was used for many purposes including guarding vineyards, herding cattle and protecting the homes of their wealthy masters. They were highly regarded as the dog’s of the upper class.

Photo by Suntrader

The Dogues of today retain much of their natural protective instincts. Extremely affectionate and devoted to their families, they have an intuitive awareness of their surroundings. You will never feel unsafe when walking with a Dogue! This breed is very playful and is not for people who desire a spotless house. Their antics will cause them to move furniture and yes, they do drool. My Dogue loves our cats (he thinks they are his boss) and adores children. At 2 he is still showing the exuberance of a puppy.

Photo by Barkley Dogue

Training a Dogue De Bordeaux is an absolute must. This breed can be stubborn and it takes an experienced owner to properly handle one of these dogs. Obedience work should start from the day the pup comes home as you don’t want to end up with a 100+ lb dog who doesn’t listen to a word you say! With proper training you can have a wonderful (and goofy) companion. Dogues have excelled in search and rescue, weight pull, tracking, carting and therapy work.

Dogue De Bordeaux are considered a rare breed and are quite expensive to purchase from a reputable breeder. These dogs are often found in puppy mills as they fetch a generous profit. Like most mastiffs, Dogues can be prone to many health issues including : Bloat, Heart Disease, Obesity, Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism, Arthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Calluses, Entropion, Kidney Disease, Cruciate Ligament Rupture and Bone Cancer. While no breeder can promise their dogs will be healthy for the entirety of their lives, responsible breeders work towards producing healthier lines.

Photo by Justine♥

The AKC standard calls for females of this breed to weigh over 99 lbs and males to weigh over 110 lbs. These powerful dogs have prominent wrinkles and what some consider to be the largest heads in all of dogdom.

So keep a look out tomorrow when your watching Westminster for the red dog with the giant head (They’re shown under the Working Group)! Lucian will be watching and cheering on his fellow Dogues!

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  2. Justine Says:

    I’m happy that you used a photo I took(:

    The last picture.. the puppy.. shes from (:

  3. köpek Says:

    thank you for pictures

  4. ShaynaCat Says:

    I have to admit I’d never heard of these dogs before today, but having read this think they’re fascinating – they look as if they have a lot of personality, and no-one’s going to disrespect you when you’re out with one!

    Thanks for a very interesting article, and best wishes to Lucian and his fellow Dogues :-)

  5. Karen Says:

    We have two Dogue De Bordeaux..One is now 11yrs. old and a 2yr old. male rescue at 130lbs..They are such a gentle, sweet and balanced breed and wonderful with children and other pets..Are planning to add a third this summer!!

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