Microchip Reunites Lost Dog With Family….After 9 Years!

February 27th, 2009 by Dan

It was a call the Geary family never expected. An Animal control facility in Tennessee said that they had picked up their German Shepherd, Astro, after receiving complaints of a stray dog running loose in a neighborhood. However, the Geary’s were not to blame for this issue – Astro had gone missing from their home 9 years before.

9 years ago the Geary family lived in Port St. Lucie, FL where they adopted Astro from the Treasure Coast Humane Society. The next month the dog went missing. The family took steps to find their pet, posting signs and calling shelters, but Astro was nowhere to be found. A year later they adopted another dog, however Dennis Geary never forgot the Shepherd. He continued to carry a photo of Astro in his wallet.

Fast forward almost a decade. The Gearys moved 3 times over the years and are now living in Louisville, KY. About 3 weeks ago they received the call from the shelter in TN, telling them that they had picked up Astro. They were able to track down his adoptive family through the microchip that was implanted by the Treasure Coast Humane Society. Astro had been found and was safe.

Dennis Geary said to his wife, “I’m going to bring him home”. The next weekend Dennis and his stepson drove 3 hours to pick up their long-lost dog. He worried about Astro’s adjustment to his situation, “I was still in shock. I was excited but apprehensive because I didn’t think he was going to remember me and I didn’t know how he was going to respond”, said Geary. When Astro was reunited with his family, it was all licks – the pooch greeted both family members happily. Now this lucky pup gets to live out his golden years where he belongs.

The moral of the story? Have your dog microchipped! This process is inexpensive and can bring your pet home safely if he becomes lost.

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