Ask The Dog Guide: Switching Dogue De Bordeaux To Raw

February 5th, 2009 by Dan

I also have a Dogue de Bordeaux (Which is now the only breed I will ever own!) named Vito and BLOAT is a major concern of mine. I feed dry food now but I always try to let it soak in water a bit before feeding and never exercise before or after meals, but I still worry. I have breeder friend of mine that recommended I start feeding raw. So I was wondering since you also own a Dogue what would be the proper raw diet to feed and how should I go about making the switch?

Photo by Richard Hook

I love to hear from other Dogue owners and I’m especially happy you’re making the switch to raw for your boy. While my Dogue was raw fed from the time I brought him home, I switched Reef (my Pit Bull) to a raw diet when she was 6. I have seen a vast improvement in her coat and her allergies since we made this change 2 years ago.

Starting any dog on a raw diet can be overwhelming and a bit confusing so here are some simple tips to get you on your way.

* Adult dogs need to eat between 2%-3% of their weight. However when you are first starting off (week 1), feed about 2/3 of the required amount across 2-3 meals a day. This will help your dog adjust to the new foods.

* Stick to one protein source at a time when you are beginning this diet. If you feed chicken (a good one to start with), do that for 7 days, then add another protein source and feed that for a bit. This way you will know if your dog is not able to tolerate one of the meats.

* Expect some symptoms of detox from processed foods. Some dogs may experience loose stool or changes in their coat for a short period of time once they are off of kibble.
This is a normal transition onto the new diet.

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* Don’t feed half raw and half of their old diet (kibble or canned food). The foods are very different and can cause GI upset if fed at the same time.

* Never leave your dog alone when feeding RMB’s (raw meaty bones). Dogs who are new to raw may be prone to gulping things down. Encourage them to eat slowly. Choose pieces of meat that are large enough for your dog. (meaning he can’t swallow them whole!)

* Don’t feed only one protein source, as dogs need the nutrition from a variety of meats. Remember to include organ meat as 10% of your dog’s diet.

* As far as meats go, you can feed almost anything you can think of! Chicken, turkey, game hens, beef, pork, rabbit, fish (I personally feed canned jack mackerel or sardines in water. Some fish can be hazardous to your dog.), venison, buffalo, kangaroo….etc

Check out my article on Raw Diet Basics and also Some Simple Facts About Feeding Raw. Good Luck!

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  1. Clara Says:

    Hi there! We started our 4 year old, 160 lb Dogue de Bordeaux on raw chicken quarters 3 days ago and the first one we gave him he ate the whole thing. That night and the next two days he didn’t eat them at all. These are one pound quarters. He does love chicken necks, but necks can’t be used as a complete diet can they? Also, the last two nights/mornings he vomited mostly bile and some tiny chicken pieces. I also tried giving him chicken liver and a raw egg which he didn’t touch. Finally we gave him a pigs foot as a snack which he mostly liked. This has all been in the past 3 days. This morning I gave him a pound of chicken thighs and again, he didn’t touch it, so I threw 4 chicken necks in just so he’d have something in his stomach. I’m sure he’s very hungry. What should I do? These chicken necks are from the supermarket but I already have a case of chicken quarters waiting for me to pick up at the butcher. Thanks for any advice you can give!

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