Ask The Dog Guide: Moisturizer For Hairless Breeds?

February 25th, 2009 by Dan

What is the best cream to use on an American Hairless Terrier to moisturize their skin? My dogs skin tends to be dry and sometimes looks like she has a slight rash. My vets do not know much about this breed.

Photo by exboyz04

I consulted Crystal Rolfe, a professional groomer at Four Muddy Paws in St. Louis about the special needs of hairless dog breeds. She mentioned that these dogs often suffer from dry skin, especially in the winter months when we keep the heat on in our homes. Aveno Moisturizing Lotion is a widely used product; some owners use Gold Bond powder on their dog’s necks, as they tend to scratch themselves there. Some dogs have been known to have allergies to Lanolin, so this ingredient should be avoided.

If your hairless breed is experiencing minor skin irritations, Crystal suggests that Preparation H or a mild cortisone cream can soothe these spots. Keeping lightweight clothes on these dogs will help protect their skin.

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