Small Breeds That Require Minimum Grooming

January 29th, 2009 by Dan

Are you searching for the perfect dog to add to your family? If you’ve decided on a small breed and are looking for a dog that you won’t spend hours grooming, this list may help you out! I’ve compiled a list of compact canines that require a minimum time commitment when it comes to their coat (play and attention are a *completely* different story!). Check out Small Dogs With Low Grooming Needs!

Photo by Through Mairi’s Eyes

2 Responses to “Small Breeds That Require Minimum Grooming”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Hi I was wondering what type of dog this is ?
    It would be much appreciated if u answered.
    Thank YOu

  2. Dan Says:

    It’s an English Toy Spaniel puppy.

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