Product Review – Free Range Bully Sticks

January 29th, 2009 by Dan

My dogs love bully sticks and while many pet owners are probably under the impression that “all bully sticks are created equal”, this is simply not true. I recently became aware of a source for chemical free, preservative free, free-range, USDA/FDA inspected bully sticks! Needless to say, I’m thrilled (so are Lucian and Reef)!

Bully sticks are a chew of choice around here as they are easily digested. They don’t leave a nasty residue around the house, as they don’t soften as quickly as rawhides. If you’ve never given your dog a bully stick, be prepared – they *adore* them! I use these as pacifiers when I need a break from having 2 large dogs following me around the house! A bully stick will keep them busy and cleans their teeth (a perk!).

Best Bully Sticks sells an amazing variety of shapes and sizes of these treats – from 4″ sticks for small dogs to a 30″ stick for the big guys! You can’t find a selection like this (or prices as low!) at a pet supply store – I’ve looked!

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