Let Sleeping Dogs Lie – A Collection Of 15 Photos Of Napping Canines

January 15th, 2009 by Dan

The old idiom “let sleeping dogs lie” simply means that a person shouldn’t disturb a situation as it could result in trouble. While waking up our dogs doesn’t usually cause any problem, care should always be taken when waking up a slumbering canine, as they might be surprised by their human alarm clock!

I find my sleeping dogs to be a very peaceful sight. My Pit Bull curls into a tight little ball of dog after turning circles in her bed. My Dogue De Bordeaux will sprawl his massive frame out on the floor, often using a corner of a dog bed as a pillow. He snores – it’s often laughable how loud and human it sounds. I enjoy knowing that they are comfortable and relaxed at home.

I’ve found some fantastic photos of slumbering canines. Are they dreaming of bones or chasing the squirrel that got away? Check out these 15 images of dogs catching up on their beauty sleep!

Boston Terriers Cuddle:

Photo by purple_artemis00

Sleeping As Art:

Photo by 尽在不言中

Puppy With Cell Phone Pillow:

Photo by Sweet_Neko

Husky Mix Puppy Catches A Nap:

Photo by sullivan06

Thai Streetdog Sleeps On Stairs:

Photo by Flickmor

Sleeping Greyhound Closeup:

Photo by Dashboard_Doll

Shih Tzu Naps – Cat-Style:

Photo by LinZgrrrl

Presa Canario Rests On Stairs:

Photo by SorenL

Trio Of Slumbering Vizslas:

Photo by imobz

Let Sleeping Dogs And Cats Lie:

Photo by kevine323

Chihuahua Sleeps In The Sun:

Photo by anna_bananna_33

Harlequin Great Dane Puppy Asleep:

Photo by kridgett kreations

Dog Tired Poodle:

Photo by ninjapoodles

Cavaliers Tucked In:

Photo by hexion

Tiny Puppy Snoozes:

Photo by Sebastián-Dario

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