Ask the Dog Guide: Unusual Mix

January 1st, 2009 by Dan

Question: What do you think about a cross between a Bullmastiff and Jack Pug? Yeah, strange… We know, but they’re adorable.



Answer: I presume that by “Jack Pug,” you mean a Jack Russel Terrier/Pug cross, but either way, while I’m sure mixing such a dog with a Bullmastiff could potentially produce adorable puppies, I think it’s a very bad idea and anyone breeding this sort of mutt is an extremely irresponsible pet owner.

Sad Pug

Sad Pug

Photo by tonystl

First of all, the logistics involved boggle the mind, unless artificial insemination was used. Secondly, there are far too many “designer dogs” being bred already. These mutts are adorable, but no more adorable than the mutts available for adoption at your local shelter. Worse yet, they’re often sold with hyperbolic claims that they’ll be hypoallergenic, never bark, never shed, and generally behave more like a stuffed dog than the real thing. Inevitably, many are dumped in shelters because they behave likethe dogs that they are.

Finally, this mix would likely produce mutts of a variety of shapes and sizes, with many potential health problems, from hip dysplasia to prolapsed eyes. Pugs and Bullmastiffs are both breeds with numerous hereditary conditions. Jack Russel Terriers are fairly hardy dogs, but should be kept that way through responsible breeding by experts only.

However, if you happen to find one in a shelter, by all means, bring it home! If you think it’s cute and it needs to be adopted, wonderful! But please, do not breed or encourage others to breed.

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