Ask the Dog Guide: The Right Small Dog Breed for This Couple?

January 14th, 2009 by Dan

I am inquiring about what dog would suit us. It is just my husband and I. We work Mon-Fri but home at 3:00 pm and would be home all the rest of the time with our dog. We live in apartment therefore, minimal barking possible. Very little exercise.

Please help us we really wish to have a small dog not large, and not much shedding, please.

How do you feel about snoring? I think an adult French Bulldog might be just the thing to suit your needs. Frenchies are playful and loving companions, but need relatively little exercise. A brisk walk around the block or a play session in the yard generally satisfies a French Bulldog for the day. However, every dog is an individual, and some Frenchies need more exercise than others.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

Photo by Mike McCallum

If you choose to add a French Bulldog to your family, I strongly urge you to consider rescue first, even if that means a long wait to adopt. Frenchies suffer from overbreeding by disreputable breeders, resulting in numerous health problems at this time. Adopting ensures you won’t be supporting a breeder who may be contributing to these problems, and you’ll also be able to get an adult dog, so as to avoid housebreaking and the exercise needs of a puppy.

Remember that all dogs need grooming, and most dogs will bark sometimes. Training and proper care are required for every dog, no matter how placid his disposition.

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