Snow Dogs – A Collection Of 25 Wintery Photos

December 16th, 2008 by Dan

The wintery weather is upon us here in Pennsylvania. Today is cold and snowy and my dogs have mixed feelings about the precipitation. The white stuff causes Lucian to frenzy around in full on tongue-lolling, tail-wagging excitement – he couldn’t be more thrilled about the winter weather. Reef, on the other hand, wants very little to do with the snow (to put it mildly). If I don’t put on her coat, she’ll do absolutely nothing outside. Even when dressed, she daintily walks about, attempting to avoid the wettest patches of the ground.

I love the snow and I’m thrilled to have one dog that shares this fondness with me. I’ve collected some fantastic photographs capturing dogs of many breeds and sizes frolicking and enjoying the cold winter weather! (Even if you prefer staying warm, you and your pooch can live vicariously through these chilly photos!)

Australian Shepherd Gallops In The Snow:

Photo by kristi_Nikon_D1X

Snow Jumping Giant Schnauzer:

Photo by Not Right Knight

Pomeranian Touched By Snow:

Photo by TJCLARK

Lab Puppy Thinks Snow Is Yummy:

Photo by LindaSplinda

Is That Any Way To Treat A Snow-Woman?:

Photo by jackie weisberg

Snow Racing Terrier:

Photo by sdschumaker

Chilly Boston Terrier:

Photo by Tanya Dropbear

I’d Like To Go Out And Play:

Photo by John Means Whatever

Weimaraner And Tasty Snow:

Photo by maxedaperture

Snowy Irish Water Spaniels:

Photo by vickiholestone

Great Pyrenees Snow Portrait:

Photo by montgomery may…

Dachshund Snow Mustache:

Photo by Carl Carl

Boxer With Blue Eye Blends!:

Photo by neuro_rob

Snow Westie:

Photo by westietess

Dogsled Team Takes A Break:

Photo by billadler

Snow Pitty:

Photo by This Year’s Love


Photo by pearline145

Boxer Mix Runs Through Snow:

Photo by Kaizoryn

>Husky and Sheltie Enjoy The Cold:

Photo by s_steinfeld

Dog House?:

Photo by Rockin’ Rob

Abominable Snow Dog!:

Photo by Katpster


Photo by phlora

Staffy Bull Flies Over The Snow:

Photo by warpsta

Snowbunny Basset:

Photo by ladybugdiscovery

It’s Chilly Out Here!:

Photo by yellowdogandy

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