Happy Holidays From The Dog Guide! – 20 Photos Of Dogs Celebrating Christmas and Chanukah!

December 21st, 2008 by Dan

It’s that time of the year once again! Happy Holidays to you and all of your 4-footed friends! I hope all you readers are set for the upcoming festivities and haven’t forgotten about your pups during this season of giving! I’ve collected some fantastic pics of dogs who are truly feeling the holiday spirit!

Reef and Lucian are technically Jewish and celebrate Chanukah, but have full-sized Christmas stockings this year as well. We’re going to be traveling and they’ll both need to stay occupied in order to be well-behaved canine house guests.

Remember to keep your pooch safe in all the hustle and bustle of present opening and big family dinners. Take lots of photos (your dog has a place in family photos doesn’t he?) and most importantly have a very, very happy holiday. I hope you enjoy these photos.

Christmas Coffee Trio:

Photo by meat99

Menorah On A Greyhound:

Photo by scottfeldstein

Boston Terrier With Braids:

Photo by Curtis and Stephanie

Happy Chanukah!:

Photo by rocknroze

Decorated Dalmatian (note Romeo’s one blue eye!):

Photo by romeo’smom

Jack Russells In Full Chanukah Splendor!:

Photo by baba1627

Boston Terrier Elf:

Photo by All-Mighty Clothing

Kosher Westie:

Photo by lindaoftexas

Boxers Under Mistletoe?:

Photo by dandelionblu

Yuletide Labs:

Photo by goldenpaws

Christmas – Boxer Style:

Photo by brookelynn23

Yarmukle Pooch:

Photo by thebone

Sleeping Lab Puppy In Santa Hat:

Photo by Somerslea

Interfaith Greyhound (note the santa and Star Of David toys!):

Photo by Virtual Memoirist

Trimming The Christmas….Dachshund?:

Photo by jillbeninato

I have a Dreidel, But I’d Like Some Latkes!:

Photo by minimallyinvasivenj

Santa Pom Is Coming To Town:

Photo by tuc9vishay

A Present….For Me?!:

Photo by celikins

A Very Goldendoodle Christmas:

Photo by TravOC

Golden On The Second Night Of Chanukah:

Photo by josh3212

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