Dog News: Trouble For Woman Who Adopted 27 Shelter Dogs

December 17th, 2008 by Dan

Sometimes there *can* be too much of a good thing. Colleen Spalioni, who hails from Spanish Springs, NV, had her heart in the right place when she headed to animal control in Delano, CA last week. She made the trip with the goal of finding a dog that reminded her of her Pointer mix, Barney, who was killed last month. When Spalioni arrived, she couldn’t resist the longing gazes of 27 (yes, 27!) dogs who were scheduled to be euthanized. With the help of animal control officers, the dogs were loaded into Spalioni’s pickup truck for the trip back to Nevada. The rescued dogs included 10 Chihuahua mixes, one purebred Chihuahua, a Jack Russell Terrier , a Poodle, two Shepherd mixes, two Miniature Pinschers and an Australian Cattle Dog mix. There was also an orphaned litter of seven 2-week-old Australian Cattle Dog-Shepherd mix pups (one died on the trip back and 2 later died at Spalioni’s home).

Photo by the Reno Gazette-Journal

Soon after the motley crew arrived, a neighbor complained about the sudden and drastic increase in noise. Local animal control officers came to investigate and informed Spalioni of a 3 dog limit in her county. After an outpouring of media attention, 20 of the dogs were adopted on Monday. Spalioni says, “I didn’t realize I was going to be in so much trouble or that so many people would be so angry at what I did. But after I lost my dog who gave me so much unconditional love, I couldn’t leave these dogs to die.” Apparently Spalioni’s husband returns from a trip today and wasn’t aware of what she had done.

My question? Why would animal control workers allow a single individual (not a rescue group) adopt 27 dogs?!

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  1. Amanda Says:

    i understand her reason to adopt dogs…but 27? CRAZY!!!!

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