Dog News: Oregon Statehouse Bans Dogs

December 2nd, 2008 by Dan

Legislators in Salem, OR plan to ban “man’s best friend” from the newly renovated statehouse. After $34 million dollars of taxpayers funds were spent redoing the office wing, some politicians decided that the presence of pooches in the workplace could damage the posh digs. Governor Ted Kulongoski’s dog, Hershey, would even be effected by the ban, which is planned to be instituted this coming January. Oregon is a notoriously dog friendly state and you can bet there is some opposition to the changes within the capitol. Rep. Brian Clem who owns a Weimaraner named Ooji, points out his dog has been housebroken since he was 7 weeks old and that “something will be lost” if pets are prohibited at the workplace.

Service animals would, of course, still be allowed in the statehouse. However, Sen. Betsy Johnson had this to say on the subject – “By service animal, I’m talking about an animal that is a Seeing Eye dog, or assists a deaf person,” she said. “A traditional definition versus someone who says they have to have their cat with them as a companion.” Perhaps Ms. Johnson should do a bit more research on the many different types of service dogs out there (ranging from dogs that can detect seizures to those who assist people with autism) before making such broad statements.

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