6 Of The Best Canine Stocking Stuffers – Gifts For $20 or Less

December 22nd, 2008 by Dan

I know times are rough financially for many people this holiday season and purchasing gifts for pets may not seem doable this year. However, I know – as silly as it is – that I would feel guilty if my dogs didn’t have some special treat this holiday season. (Though they’d probably be thrilled with some extra chicken at dinner or even a carrot!) The fact is, 80% of homes surveyed are planning on giving their lucky pups a gift this year. So I’ve put together a guide to some fantastic gifts that all retail for $20 and under to help you choose some inexpensive goodies. You can be thrifty this year and still not feel like you’re depriving your pooch while everyone else is opening presents!

Gingerbread Buddy Biscuits – (Retails for $5.95):
These crunchy biscuits come in a special holiday box and come in a smiling gingerbread man shape! They contain no corn, soy, artificial colors, flavors, byproducts or preservatives. These treats tested high with our tester dogs and left them begging for more! I used these biscuits broken into pieces in their treatballs, and they were a big hit (who doesn’t like gingerbread?!). Cloudstar, the company that produces Buddy Biscuits, donates 10% of net profits to various charities. You can find Gingerbread Buddy Biscuits at your local high end pet store or order them online here. They generally retail for 5.95.

Wagatha’s Biscuits and Stix – (Retails for $17.50):
Do you have a dog who loves to fetch? Does he have a tendency to pick up the grossest sticks in the park? If so, the Biscuits and Stix pack from Wagatha’s may be the ideal choice for a gift this holiday season. The duo contains a 9 oz tube of “Super Biscuits” that are formulated for active dogs. This recipe has no wheat, corn or soy and is 100% USDA Certified Organic & kosher. Complimenting the yummy biscuits is a 3 pack of Fetchstix! These are 100% hard rock Maple from the forests of Vermont (no trees were harmed in the gathering). The sticks are smooth and come with an “owners manual”. Great for urban dogs who have a lack of good stick pickin’s! Order the Biscuits and Stix pack here – retails for $17.50

Blackwing Organic Bones (prices vary according to size):

Blackwing bones come from organically raised free range American and Canadian Beef and Buffalo. They offer a variety of different styles and sizes of bones, so there is an option for every dog. These bones are not meant to be consumed and should only be chewed while your pet is being closely monitored. If you see any pieces of the bone being chewed off or if it cracks – dispose of it. That being said, these bones last a LONG time with my dogs and they really enjoy themselves whenever they have a Blackwing bone! Order a 2 Pack of Organic Natural Beef Bones (6-8 inches) here

RuffWear TurnUp (Retails for $9.95):

If you’re looking for a great treatball that can also double as a toy for retrieving, look no further. The TurnUp (because of it’s resemblance to a Turnip) is a very throwable 3″ tall by 2.5″ wide. Once your dog brings it back to you, you can fill this bouncy toy with small treats or kibble to keep them occupied for hours. Most treatballs are way too heavy or bulky to even think of throwing them around! The TurnUp adds a new twist with its compact size! Order a TurnUp (available in 3 colors!) here – retails for 9.95

Bow Wow Travel Food and Water Bowls (Retail Prices $18/$20):

I’ve seen and tested a lot of travel bowls, but the “Bow Wow” line by Fishpond has so many features that I haven’t seen in other bowls – It had to make this list. They are a fantastic gift for any traveling dog! The bowls have hard molded bottoms to prevent leakage and spilling. The food bowl has a built in cinch, so you can carry the food directly in the bowl. Each bowl is 8″ in diameter, so they are decent sized for most breeds. As far as construction goes, the Bow Wow bowls can’t be beat – they are not the cheap collapsible bowls you often see. Order Bow Wow Travel Food and Water Bowls Here – Food bowl retails for $20, Water for $18.

Tuffy Jr. Bowmerang (Retail Price – $8.50):

Are you looking for a well-made toy for your small breed dog If so, look no further than the Tuffy Jr. Bowmerang! This toy is designed for pups under 20 lbs and isn’t a chew toy – it’s great for fetching, romping and interactive play (it even floats in the water!). Tuffy toys are known for their construction – even the smaller sized toys are tough! The Bowmerang has a layer of industrial grade luggage material covered in a layer of soft fleece. Then the 2 layers are closed with a total of 7 seams. The Bowmerang has the ever prized squeakers and comes in 3 colors. Click here to order a Tuffy Jr Bowmerang – Retails for $8.50

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