Turkey For Us Plz!! 12 Images Of Dogs In Celebration of Thanksgiving!

November 24th, 2008 by Dan

Dogs love Thanksgiving. It makes sense really, as most of the day is centered around a large dinner. Plus there’s the aroma of a slow cooking Turkey throughout the house for hours on end, teasing their heightened doggie senses. In many cases the family gathers around the table and in the chaos of the feast, scraps are mistakenly (or purposely) dropped on the floor for canine family members to scarf up. Dogs are often very thankful at Thanksgiving.

As humans, the companionship and enduring affection that our pets bring into our lives is one more idea to touch upon on this day. Enjoy these photographs of dogs celebrating Thanksgiving! (celebrating = trying to eat the turkey!)

Turkey For Us Plz?:

Photo by cranrob

Dalmatian and Italian Greyhound Reenact the First Thanksgiving:

Photo by romeo’smom

You Don’t Even Have To Cook It!:

Photo by Fotofigg

Boston Terriers Gather ‘Round The Turkey:

Photo by Elevated

Boxer Takes A Sniff:

Photo by bluecruiser030

How Do You Open This Bird?!:

Photo by KarmenRose


Photo by jmbead

I’ll Take Ham Over Turkey:

Photo by Gerald5


Photo by ArielAmanda

That Turkey Is Bigger Than Me!:

Photo by photoconsumption

Frenchie Fears Turkey:

Photo by Ben & Mary

Anything Left?

Photo by rcjtp

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