Product Review: The Eat Slow Bowl

November 2nd, 2008 by Dan

If you have a large or giant breed dog than preventing GDV (or “bloat”) should be of the utmost importance. This life threatening condition is a topic that owners need to know about before an emergency arises. However there are steps that can be taken to decrease the chances of this heartbreaking condition.

When feeding my Dogue De Bordeaux, Lucian, mealtimes took a great deal of research before I settled on methods that I felt were safe for him. He is fed entirely raw 2 meals per day and then eats a 2 cup “snack” of either Innova Evo or Nature’s Variety Instinct. His kibble “snack” is soaked in warm water so that it expands in the bowl, not in his stomach. However, I was still having a problem with him scarfing down his food in less than a minute. That is where the Eat Slow Bowl by Greedy Pup came into the picture.

Why I Like It:

* The Eat Slow Bowl is 10.7 Inches in diameter and can hold up to 6 cups of food. It is extremely durable and weighty, meaning it doesn’t slide around the room. This is very helpful, as your dog does have to move his mouth around the bowl in order to access all of the food that settles around the protrusions.

* Although the bowl is made of plastic, it is made of FDA approved materials that are safe for contact with food. That means it is human grade and can be cleaned in the dishwasher after it is used. It’s also a really nice looking bowl – it almost looks like modern art.

* The most important reason? It works! Lucian usually eats his kibble in under a minute. When he was fed his soaked 2 cups in the Eat Slow Bowl, he pondered it for a second and then worked his way through the 2 cups in 2 minutes and 28 seconds. That is a huge change for a large (150 + lbs) dog.

I’ve spoken to other dog owners who have had issues with their smaller breed dogs who scarf down their meals too quickly and then regurgitate all of the kibble. This bowl would also be a good switch from conventional feeding vessels for those dogs.

You can purchase an Eat Slow Bowl at the Greedy Pup Website

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