Disney’s “Bolt” Should Be A Hit With Dog Loving Kids

November 19th, 2008 by Dan

Disney is releasing it’s newest animated feature film, “Bolt”, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The film is sure to be a huge hit with families who flock to the movies in a turkey induced coma for some stationary entertainment.

The character of Bolt is a white German Shepherd who is voiced by John Travolta. Bolt is a dog with superpowers who is constantly coming to the aid of his beloved owner, Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus). In reality, Bolt is a method actor. He’s really a television dog and the producers of the show he’s featured on just want him to believe that his superpowers are real. Real superpowers = better performance from their actor. When Bolt is separated from Penny, he meets a stray cat (Susie Essman) and a television buff Hamster (Mark Walton). He also experiences the real world and learns about who he really is.

While the “dog who lost its owner” story is nothing new for Disney, the film making giant always seems to put a new and endearing twist on the story. I’m sure Bolt will be on the “must see” list for the under 10 set this season!

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6 Responses to “Disney’s “Bolt” Should Be A Hit With Dog Loving Kids”

  1. Coty B Says:

    Awsom move love it so much Bolt reminds me of my dog snow shes an alaskan Husky so pretty Will yall be macken a new move? Can i HAve a poster Of the gain n 1 with just bolt n another of rinhio n another 1 with mittens Thanks you so much N how can i be come an actor i love acting

  2. köpek Says:

    Will yall be macken a new move beatufeul dog picture

  3. Boomer The Dog Says:

    I loved this movie, I saw it with 2 friends in 3D, then we went to the store and I got a plush Bolt, and my other friend got Bolt and Rhino.

    Another movie to see is UP from Disney, it has a Dog named Dug, a Golden Retriever, plus a great story.

  4. Bolt266 Says:

    Loved the movie. If you ask me to rate, I’ll give 3/5 stars but I love the dog Bolt so much. I bought 5″, 8″, 12″ and 17″ plush Bolties!!! I got a big collection of Bolt I am a big big fan!!!

  5. louanne studer Says:

    when does it come out on video?

  6. louanne studer Says:

    I hear the new madagascar movie is excellent – not dog centric but good for animal lovers

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