A Battle For The Ages – Dogs Vs. Turkeys!

November 11th, 2008 by Dan

With Thanksgiving on the way, I figured there is no better time to focus on some videos of dogs interacting with Turkeys. Turkeys can be quite intimidating to even the bravest of canines! These large birds can have wingspans of almost 6 feet! While the domesticated turkey is flightless, its wild cousin can move through the air easily. Here are some videos of unusual cross-species friendships, chases involving large gobbling poultry, dirt kicking Australian turkeys and confused looking dogs! Enjoy them!

Turkey Attempts to Bury Dog Alive!:
This Turkey has attitude!

Australian Cattle Dog and Pet Turkey (named Tofurkey) – Round 1:

Tom Turkey Defends “His” Yard:

Pit Bull Challenges Turkey In The Living Room:

Poodle Vs. Tucker The Turkey:

Turkey Chases Rottweiler:

American Bulldog/Rotty Mix Plays with Turkey:

Australian Cattle Dog and Pet Turkey – Round 2:
Tofurkey for the win!

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