Product Review: Dirty Dog Organics Pet Wash

October 18th, 2008 by Dan

There are a lot of soaps for dogs on the market today. When I choose a wash for my pups, I immediately disqualify anything that isn’t natural. Reef has very sensitive skin and has been prone to allergies in the past (which are now much improved with her switch to raw). I aim to make grooming as gentle, yet through a task as I possibly can.

The little blue bottle of Dirty Dog Organic Pet Wash immediately stood out because it has a pump dispenser. This is exceptionally handy when you are bathing! When you have to pour shampoo out of a bottle, often you pour too much or the bottle becomes clogged. With the pump, I just kept the bottle on the edge of the tub and applied as needed.

Why I liked it:

* Dirty Dog Organic’s Pet Wash is Paraben free – Parabens are chemical preservatives found in many different kinds of cosmetics.

* The dark blue bottle is recyclable, has a pump, and blocks light, thus giving no need for harsh preservatives.

* The Pet Wash lathered well and a little went far. It didn’t take a ton of shampoo for me to feel like Reef was soaped.

* This stuff smells good and not in a “fake” good way! The Pet Wash contains Sweet Almond, Lavender and Rosemary. The scent is clean and natural and leaves your pet smelling really, really good.

* Reef got compliments for over a week after her bath! People noted how shiny and clean she looked. The shampoo didn’t make her flaky or dry. This is a sign of a product I would use again and recommend!

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