Judge Awards $24 Million To Owners Of Pets Lost From Contaminated Pet Food

October 15th, 2008 by Dan

A judge in Camden NJ ruled that Menu foods must pay a $24 million dollar settlement starting next year to consumers that file claims against the company. Last year it is estimated that 1500 pets died from eating pet food that contained melamine contaminated wheat gluten. Menu Foods already agreed to pay out $8 million dollars to pet owners, bringing the grand total to $32 million. However, over 10,000 pet owners have filed claims against the company thus far. Owners are calling the ruling a slap on the wrist, stating that their individual vet bills often spiraled into thousands of dollars. Under this claim the most an owner would receive is $900. Those who lost a pet also believe that their (and their pet’s) pain and suffering are not being taken into consideration.

If you are a pet owner who has an animal that was effected by the Menu Foods tainting, please click here for more information on this settlement and how to get involved.

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