Hounds Of Halloween 2008! 45 Incredible Costumed Canines!

October 13th, 2008 by Dan

Happy Howl-o-ween! It just wouldn’t feel like Fall without a huge post of masquerading pooches! Costuming your canine is becoming more and more popular these days. In almost every city there are Halloween Parades and contests catering exclusively to pets. Are you lacking the creative inspiration for an amazing costume for your pup? Hopefully you’ll find it here! You may even think about bringing your well-behaved pooch out Trick Or Treating!

Take a look at these 45 (yes 45!) fantastically dressed up dogs!

The Headless Horseman:

Poodle Impostor:
“I swear I’m non-shedding!”

Photo by istolethetv

Chi in Spectacles (Winner of our Costumed Canine Photo Contest!):

Elsieta, Owned by Brygida T.

Darth Vader and Princess Leia:

“Will using The Force get us more treats?”

Photo by l0ckergn0me

Chihuahua Eaten By Alligator:

Photo by richmulhern

Count Dogula:
His victim is belly up, trembling with fear!

Photo by xmarine1973

Fried Egg:

Photo by Miro’s Run

Greyhound Mummy (Winner of our Costumed Canine Photo Contest!):

Leopold, owned by Cynthia Rufo

Mexican Wrestler Chihuahua:

Photo by gwen

Maltese Gnome:

Photo by write-pudding

Pit Bull Kitty:

Photo by NiteLynx

iPhone iPup:

Photo by Gregory Hull

Here Comes The Bride (Winner Of Our Costumed Canine Photo Contest!):

Wiggles, Owned by Brygida T.

Swashbuckling Doxie:

Photo by Doxieone

Pinto Pony Chi:

Photo by xena2542

Hannibal Lecter Chihuahua (and the silent lambs!):
“It puts the biscuit in the basket”

Photo by istolethetv

Poodle Panda:

I love the crossed paws!

Photo by victoriafee

Pirate Pug:
The tongue makes me think this pirate may have had too much grog!

Photo by amonick

Very Pink Cocker:
Not sure- but very pink!

Photo by Chris Inside

Frog Dog:

Photo by Doxieone

Lion Lab:

Photo by vmabney

Scottie Skunk:
This Scottish Terrier/Skunk almost looks stuffed!

Photo by istolethetv

Pig In Heaven:

Photo by cagedheat3

Scary Dude With Tiny Mummy Dog:

Photo by mysuspira

French Bulldog Baby:

Photo by istolethetv

Banana Dogs:

Photo by Shirley Two Feathers

Dachshund Batman:

Photo by shutterberry

Santa’s Little Helper:

Photo by aphrodite-in-nyc


Photo by Aaron Edwards

Corgi Pony:
If looks could kill….

Photo by crows to burnaby

Squinting Mouse:

Photo by IanWhalen

Astronaut Pomeranian:

Photo by girl_onthe_les

Pot Roast Dog:

Photo by istolethetv

Royal Steed:

Photo by caffeineguy

Ricky Ricardo (with Lucy in the background):
Amazing hairdo on Ricky!

Photo by abeanpie

Clowns are Scary! (So are Clown Dogs!):

Photo by alabamleft

Taco Spaniel:

Photo by istolethetv

Biker Dog (Winner Of Our Costumed Canine Photo Contest):

Wobbles, Owned by Brygida T

Westie Chicken:

Photo by jayme_sloan

Carmen Miranda Golden:

Photo by goldenpaws

Pit Bull Prisoner:
Is this pitty trying to make a political statement with this costume?

Photo by Aaron Edwards

Watch Dog:

Photo by Yombe

The Pupparazzi:

Photo by PayPaul

Frenchie Bear:

Photo by solutionsoap

Space Pup:

Photo by istolethetv

28 Responses to “Hounds Of Halloween 2008! 45 Incredible Costumed Canines!”

  1. Andy Says:

    Seriously – if I ever saw anyone do that to an animal
    1. I would immediatly remove the animal to a safe place
    2. Give the idiot a well deserved boot up the rear end
    3. ensure they are bought up on charges of cruelty
    4. insist they never be allowed to keep any kind of animal again.

    totally Disgusting!

  2. Judy Says:


  3. Sarisa Says:

    I laughed so hard…

  4. Sandra Says:

    dogs have more fun!!

  5. Anya Says:

    That Andy guy is an idiot! Obviously he doesn’t know anything about dogs. If a dog doesn’t want to wear something he/she isn’t going to wear it. My dog has two football jerseys and board shorts that he wears when we go out on the boat. He is a skunk for Halloween this year. If he had acted like they were uncomfortable or tried to get it off, I would immediately take it off of him.

  6. david Says:

    I agree Andy is an idiot. These dogs are loved and cared for. Andy needs to go after the guy that chains his dog to a doghouse and just feeds him every day.

  7. janet Says:

    Ok. Personally, I think Andy is right. You’re deluding yourselves and anthropomorphizing your pets. They aren’t happy about being cute.. that’s you. They don’t think it’s fun to dress up like clowns and motorcyclists.. again, that’s you. It’s not exactly mistreatment, but it’s definitely not fair to force your pets to do something as unnatural as this when it clearly makes them so uncomfortable.

  8. Scott Says:

    I agree with Anya as well……dogs don’t wear things if they don’t want to. Try putting a cranky Rottie in something like that and see how you fair. Aslong as the dogs aren’t hurt and aren’t fighting to get out than no harm right?

  9. josh Says:

    that gray hound mummy looks more like a dog in the klan

  10. Nan Says:

    If it was animal cruelty then you can bet that the ASPCA wouldn’t let the costumes be sold in stores. I really don’t see any of these dogs as uncomfortable. If they didn’t want to be dressed they would let you know. They love the attention, no matter why they’re getting it. Lighten up Andy and Janet. It’s all in good fun. If this isn’t your speed then why did you look at the pictures?

    OK, I feel better now… :-)

  11. T Money :) Says:

    Those Dogs are fab..ou..lous!!!! Andy,silly rabbit tricks are for kids!!! Andy Don’t be a hater, obviously, you must not have any dogs.

  12. lauren Says:

    i laughed sssssssssooooooooooooooooo much! this is hilarious!

  13. lindsey Says:

    i liked the bride one.HERE COMES THE BRIDE!

  14. Dick Says:

    [sarcasm] Oh, it’s so terrible and cruel to make dogs where clothes because they shouldn’t be forced to be so uncomfortable [/sarcasm]

    Let’s not forget that the human race gives pet dogs the most comfortable and easy life possible. If we weren’t around, these dogs would be fighting and hunting to survive like every other animal in the wild. No free food, no vets, no warm house in the winter, etc.

    And while I would agree that dressing your dog up on a regular basis is creepy… dressing up for the holidays can be pretty funny

  15. Timo Says:

    I dress my dogs up all the time… they love it… I love it… everyone who sees us giggles… tell me that isn’t a hot comodity in 21st century America… come see us on my website or look me up on facebook!

  16. Riddick Says:

    my god… this is hilarious! :-D

  17. kristina Says:

    honestly if anyone came over and yelled at me for dressing up my dog for halloween and tried to take him away from me, yes you andy, i would probably stab you and im no gansgter. my dog is like my child i love him so much and if anyone tried to take him away from me, i would flip out. like a mother bird protecting her baby chicks, i would never let any harm come to my dog. your the one going after dogs, clearly your not crazy right? god people are so dumb. i think that if you care enough about your dog that you want to dress him up or whatever, then all the power to you. i dont believe that any of these people would let any harm come to their dogs and they are therefore in no way negligent owners. go after people who host dogfights, who let their dogs become emiciated. i watched animal planet the other day and some chick’s dog was so hungry for food that when the dog was finally taken in and given an x-ray, her stomach was full of rocks. sharp rocks in a poor dogs stomach. and this chick had the nerve to say that the dog liked to eat rocks??? yeah, go shove your foot up her ass Andy and leave these people alone if you feel so stongly for the rights of dogs. it would surly be more rewarding. people dont dress up their children or anything right?? its out of love andy, relieze that. some people express it differently than others.

    ok as you can see, that clearly pissed me off but other than that, this is hilarious. too freaking funny.

  18. Megan Says:

    I agree with you Kristina. These dogs look like they are having fun. I know if I even try to put a bandana on my dog, he takes it right off. If it is uncomfortable, they’ll let you know. It seems like all of these dogs love the attention so they’ll do whatever the owner does to get that attention. These people obviously love their dogs, or they wouldnt bother show them off to people. I don’t see how this is cruel or mistreatment.

  19. haley Says:

    ok andy what a stupid comment first of all people do it because they love their dogs and want them involved in halloween too. second of all you wouldnt take anyones dog away from them or you would be the cruel one duhh!!! anyway totally hilarious hello puppies!! xD

  20. Jennifer Says:

    These are hysterical. I personally wouldn’t dress up my dogs, but then again I like my fingers. Andy you are an idiot. These people are not mistreating their dogs, they love them. You must not have pets. My kids put goofy ears on one of our Yellow Labs, and he’s fine with that. The other Yellow Lab that we have wouldn’t let you put anything on him, and that’s because he doesn’t want anything on him. This is all for fun, and it is quite commical. Get a life people that think this is torture.

  21. cheryl turner Says:

    Loved them all!Alot of immagination.

  22. I LOVE DOGS Says:

    i dressed my dog up for Hallaween
    but it was only a tie
    it wasn’t near as good as these
    These costumes are sooo creative
    i hope the dogs don’t mind!!!

  23. dog bandana Says:

    HAHAHA! The iPhone dog is so funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  24. Rachel Says:

    They are so coool, hooray for the people who love dogs enough to buy them a costume…

  25. Jay Lee Says:

    LOVE THE ipad idog!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jazzy Says:

    My dog loves to dress up, he tells me when he wants to look good by bringing me items and then we make little outfits, obviously he wouldnt do this if he absolutely hated this!!

    we always dress up for Halloween and i think i might steal the headless horseman idea hahahaha!! Hope Oscar likes it <3 I love my dog and woulnd't do anything to hurt him and if you tried to run up to me and grab his lead shouting nd raving he will get you, he is devoted and loyal and we make a good pair xxx

  27. Maver Says:

    @Andy- dog wearing clothing is not a form of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is defined as “Inhumane treatment defined.
    For the purposes of this chapter and chapter 40-2, the inhumane treatment of an animal is any act of mistreatment, torture, cruelty, neglect, abandonment, mutilation or inhumane slaughter of an animal that is not consistent with generally accepted training, use and husbandry procedures for the species, breed, physical condition and type of animal.” Moreover, a person has a better chance of being brought up on animal cruelty charges for not putting a coat on their dog and taking the dog out for a walk in winter exposing the dog to the harshness of winter and the threat of frost bite or not putting a life vet on a dog and taking out on a boat and the dogs falls in an gets caught up in the current and dies than an individual putting a coat on a dog or a life vest. Clothing is clothing -coat or a Halloween costume it’s the same thing. Furthermore, I doubt any judge would take you seriously if you went into their court room an stated that you kidnapped or stole ( an actual crime) a persons dog in order to prevent a non-crime from happening. You would probably be laughed out of the courtroom and brought up on actual criminal charges. Lastly, Halloween is in October a relatively cold time of the year. In fact as I write this message October and 32degrees out-( ie freezing);therefore, it would make sense to put clothing on a dog and no reason for it not to be a costume. In closing, your statement has no merit.

  28. foxywolfy Says:

    Here is more beautiful costumes for your lovely friends

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