Grab Your Drool Towels – A Guide To 12 Breeds That Slobber!

October 15th, 2008 by Dan

Some breeds drool. If you’re thinking about owning a large or giant breed dog, it’s wise to do your research on this wet subject! As the owner of a drooling breed myself (a Dogue De Bordeaux), I have to say it does change the way you live! I am constantly finding myself stepping in viscous puddles after Lucian has decided to have a drink. When he shakes his head, drool can fly to heights I never dreamed. I use a lot of paper towels. I do mean a *lot*. However, he’s a wonderful companion and I’m a fan of mastiffs in general. That means drool comes with the territory.

If you’d like to learn more about drooly dog breeds, check out 12 Dog Breeds That Drool and Slobber!

Photo by emacs1969

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  1. Dara Says:

    Ah what wonderful drooly photos! I’m not surprised that there are 3 types of Mastiffs in the ‘drool list’, however I’m a little surprised that the pug is missing! My pug and pug mix are good and drooly, I think something with their wrinkles makes it seem worse! Great post.

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