Ask The Dog Guide: What Age Should A Puppy Go Home?

October 21st, 2008 by Dan

Hi, We’re hoping to get a new puppy sometime soon and are wondering what is the right age to bring the dog home with us. Thanks.

Photo by edmittance


Congratulations on your upcoming addition! You’re doing yourself and your puppy a huge favor by researching canine development before you bring a tiny canine into your home! The first few weeks of a puppy’s life, spent with his mother and litter mates,teaches him invaluable social lessons including: how hard his bite is and how to play and relate to other dogs. Bringing a dog home before 7-8 weeks of age will interrupt this critical period of development and can lead to socialization and aggression issues in the future. At 8 weeks of age the pup you choose will be ready to go home with you. You’ll have a long road full of training and chewing! Make sure you have a sense of humor and a good camera- it’s all worth it at the end!! Good luck with your new baby!

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