Ask The Dog Guide: Breed Identification

October 22nd, 2008 by Dan

Hi! My family is looking for a dog, and I just found the perfect one for me! But I don’t know the name of it. It’s kind of like a cousin or something of the Arctic Wolf. It has a lot of hair, and I think it’s usually white. Could you tell me what kind of dog it is or what you think that dog is? Also could you post a picture of the dog you’re thinking of if you have one? Thanks!

Thanks for writing! From what you’ve told me it sounds like you’re speaking of a Samoyed. The breed is considered to be a cousin of the Siberian Husky and were used as sled dogs by explorers. The Samoyed has an extremely thick, plush coat that has been compared to angora. Some people even use the fur for knitting! The breed has earned the nickname “The Smiley Dog”, as they always have a happy look on their faces!

A Samoyed Puppy:

Photo by jwing

Adult Samoyed:

Photo by gorbidog

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  1. Richie Says:

    Samoid are a powerful breed, bred to pull a load they can be more difficult to train than most breeds. They also are very strong willed and single minded, they are difficult to keep clean if allowed to get wet or near muddy puddles/area.

    They are without doubt more work than most other breeds, KNOW & LEARN ABOUT THEM BEFORE YOU BUY.

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