Soaring Cindy – The World Record Jumping Greyhound

September 2nd, 2008 by Dan

“Cinderella May a Holly Grey”, the Greyhound, is currently the Guinness World Record holder for the highest jump cleared by a dog – an incredible height of 68 inches! Cindy is a remarkable animal athlete! Born in December of 2000 and homed at the age of six months by the Hollydogs Greyhound Rescue to owners Kathy Conroy and Kate Long in the Miami Florida area, Cindy’s’ natural energy was put to good use in dog agility competitions. Training with Sally Roth and Lourdes Edlin in June of 2001 and completed her novice level agility event in January of 2003. Within 3 months, Cindy completed her novice titles in agility and moved on to compete at the open level. Cindy has since received her Open Standard Title and her Excellent Jumpers Title and is now competing in the Excellent classes.

Soaring Cindy - Greyhound - Record holder for the highest jump of 68 inches
Photo: AP

Cindy’s natural jumping abilities were discovered early in her agility career. Her formal high jump training began in March of 2003 at a “mere” 36 inches and by July of 2003 Cindy was jumping at the amazing height of 56 inches.

On August 2nd at Grant Park in downtown Chicago, Cindy took first place in the freestyle high jump setting a new Purina Incredible Dog Challenge high jump record – a whopping 60 inches! It became clear to Cindy’s trainers and owners that they had an exceptional jumper on their hands. They set out to break the existing 63 inch Guinness World Record.

After four weeks of stepped up training regimens, Cindy arrived in St. Louis on October 3rd and broke the world high jump record with one double bar spread jump at an astonishing height of 66 inches! Three years later in October 2006 Cindy returned to St. Louis and showed the world she still had it in her and completed a record breaking jump of 68 inches!!

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