Puppy Dog Eyes – 13 Photos Of Dogs With BIG or Unique Eyes

September 17th, 2008 by Dan

Some breeds of dogs have large, round eyes that bulge out of their heads more than other types of dogs (Pugs, Japanese Chin, etc). As puppies, their eyes often appear even larger, giving them an almost cartoon-esque look!

Other dogs have 2 different colored eyes. This can be caused by an inherited genetic disorder called Waardenburg Syndrome. While some dogs only display the trait of having the discrepancy in eye color, there can be other complications that go along with Waardenburg Syndrome, including deafness. For a more scientific explanation of this disorder you can follow this link.

Check out these outstanding photos of dogs with eyes that are out of the ordinary!

Siberian Husky In The Snow:

Photo by Trojan_Llama

Lounging Pug With Huge Eyes:

Photo by smccard

Dalmatian Puppy With 2 Different Colored Eyes:

Photo by romeo’smom

Jack Russell Peers Through Fence:

Photo by rcvernors

White American Pit Bull Terrier Puppy:

Photo by WynO

Japanese Chin in Black and White:

Photo by lissalou66

Wild Eyed Pug:

Photo by jenniranee

Blue Eyed Boston Terrier:

Photo by Ricardo Alcalá

Dalmatian Close Up:

Photo by w e n d y

What Do You Mean No Swimming?!:

Photo by Guruchik

Bug Eyed Boston:

Photo by johnnycorduroy

Smiling Blue Eyed Australian Shepherd:

Photo by jimhankey

Guilty Looking Weimaraner Puppy:

Photo by vicky__

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