Product Review With Coupon Code – Tuffy “Gary-Gator” Toy

September 16th, 2008 by Dan

Lucian is a very big dog and it is rare to find toys that fit him well. Most of the time even the large stuffed animals are dwarfed in his giant maw! Enter the Tuffy Alligator – this is truly a toy for big dogs! Measuring in at 18” long x 11” wide from leg to leg 5” tall x 13” around the head – it was love at first slobber for Lucian! (he even grabbed it out of the box)

The first thing I noticed about the Tuffy Alligator is that while it’s soft to the touch outside, this toy is DENSE! It feels extremely well made and is much heavier than the average stuffed toy. This is because the toys in the Tuffy’s line are all manufactured with 2 layers of industrial grade luggage material hidden under the soft fleece layer. The toy has a thick black trim around the edges and has a total of 7 layers of stitching to keep the whole thing together.

Lucian especially loved the legs of the Alligator toy – they were easy to grab onto and made it much easier for him to toss the toy around (one of his favorite play activities). He would then hold it in his paws and chew on the open mouth of the gator, which contains one of three squeakers within the toy. This of course, led to more tossing. The toy held up exceptionally well and looks great even after a few weeks of daily play in our house. Tuffy toys are machine washable and then should be left out to air dry.

Keep in mind that any toy – even if they are made incredibly well, can be ripped apart if left alone with a persistent chewer. If you have a dog that actively destroys his toys, please make sure to monitor all play to insure his safety. Gary Gator showed no rips or fraying around the seams after hours of active play.

If you’re interested in ordering the Tuffy Alligator or any of the other Tuffy toys, I have a special for Dog Guide readers! Enter the coupon code ali123 at the Tuffy’s Website and you will receive $7.00 off anything on our their website, including the alligator. Just type in the coupon code in the box when you get to the payment screen!

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