Product Review: “Pecks” Dog Treats

September 23rd, 2008 by Dan

Pecks dog treats are made by The Honest Kitchen – one of my favorite companies out there these days! As the label says on these treats they are “completely natural and are 100% human edible, but we baked them for your dog to eat – not you!”.

Pecks are tiny little crunchy treats that will fit into the mouths of small breeds, but that are also of use when training large breeds. There is a common misconception that big dogs need big treats during training sessions. It is the value of the treat (meaning how much your dog likes it) and the act of delivering the reward itself that makes training with treats effective. Even though Lucian weighs over 150 lbs, he was sitting in wait for a Peck – following my hand that held the treat. He had tasted the reward and knew it was good stuff, thus the value of the treat was increased and he was willing to work for it!

Pecks are made with just a few ingredients: Barley Flour, Filtered Water, Molasses, Buffalo, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Eggs and Blueberries. There are no fillers, artificial preservatives, sugar, byproducts or any junk – period.

Pecks are very crunchy (chewing is always good for the teeth!) and didn’t break apart into crumbles when I put a handful in my pocket for incentives to use during a walk and then a training session. They also smell good – very much like a tiny dog cookie. It makes sense they got the drool approval factor from Lucian (and passed my crazy standards of treats that I’ll feed my dogs)!

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