Product Review: Dublin Dog Collars

September 25th, 2008 by Dan

When I first heard that Dublin Dog advertised their collars as “No Stink”, I knew I wanted to try them out first hand! I checked out Dublin Dog’s site and the bright stylish designs (in pretty much any color assortment you would ever) want really jumped out at me. Lucian, Reef and I anxiously waited for the collars to arrive. The day the box came and I opened it up, I have to say I was surprised. These collars are made of a uniquely soft and plyable polymer (think rubber!) that looks fantastic and stays looking great for weeks. If your dog rolls around in the mud, just rinse off the collar under some warm water and it looks almost new! Because the collars are not made of nylon or leather they don’t absorb moisture, retain dirt, or harbor bacteria. Reef has a very sensitive neck and in the past has only been able to wear a rolled leather collar. I checked her neck daily since putting the Dublin Dog collar on (it’s been about 3 weeks now) and she hasn’t lost any hair nor is she showing any sign or redness due to rubbing.

Dublin Dog collars come in an assortment of sizes, from extra small (which should fit toy breeds such as Chihuahuas or Yorkshire Terriers) to Extra Larges (which are designed to fit Mastiffs and Great Danes and other giant breeds). Click here to see their sizing chart.

So, my dogs are now converts. I love the designs that Dublin Dog offers and they just look fantastic on the pups. The hardware is well crafted and shows no sign of wear and tear. Each collar has a large area for attaching tags and identification.

I’m always looking for great products to recommend to you and Dublin Dog has produced a superior buckle collar!

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