Product Review: Dogswell Happy Heart Chicken Treats

September 3rd, 2008 by Dan

With all this treat testing, Lucian has grown quite picky. He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t these days. When I tell the dogs “Go to your room” – they both run in and wait for their treat. If I want to test out a treat for review, I’ll hand Lucian one (Reef will eat almost anything). He spits some of them out (then Reef eats them!). After rejecting a crunchy biscuit, I opened a bag of Dogswell Happy Heart Chicken Breast treats – they were gobbled down on the double (and Lucian was left drooling for more!).

Why I like these treats (coming from the person who is incredibly picky about what his dogs eat):

* The treats look like real “jerky” – that’s because they are made from all natural meat. No hormones, no artificial coloring, no artificial flavoring, no preservatives. No fillers – just meat.

* These treats support a high protein diet – they’re good for dogs who are having weight issues as they are just meat – no corn, wheat, soy or other fillers that can put extra heft on a dog who needs help staying trim.

* Happy Heart treats contain all sorts of natural ingredients that are believed to be good for your dog including flaxseed, which has been found to possess anti-cancer properties as well as benefits to the heart.

*I also like these treats because I can tear them into smaller strips and use them for training purposes. They don’t crumble and don’t leave any offensive treat residue in my pocket!

* Click Here To Order Three 16 oz Bags of Dogswell Happy Heart Chicken Breast Treats

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  1. Says:

    How do they taste? Just kidding. These look like good natural treats, but seem a little pricey at $22, especially for a big dog, right?

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