Pit Bull Rescued From Michael Vick Battles Cancer

September 10th, 2008 by Dan

Red, a 6 year old Pit Bull seized from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring in Virginia has a whole new battle on his plate. Red has been living with Amanda Mouisset, his foster mother and behavior specialist. The brave pooch has made such strides in his recovery that he has actually been used at the Monterey County SPCA to help work with other dogs who need help with socialization skills.

Mouisset noticed some lumps on Red and when they were biopsied, 5 of the 7 turned out to be malignant. Red will undergo 6 months of chemotherapy. The pricey treatment will be paid for by Michael Vick. Part of his sentence is covering the costs of the long term care of all 47 of the dogs that were removed from his property.

Photo by the Monterey Herald

2 Responses to “Pit Bull Rescued From Michael Vick Battles Cancer”

  1. melody Says:

    Thats so sad, I hope Red gets better. Micheal Vick better pay for all those bills, those poor pups.

  2. Joan Acri Says:

    GOOD! That’s the LEAST he can do. I believe Dogs are a gift from God and to abuse them is not only a crime against nature, but a sin against God.

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